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Water Speaker

The Water Speaker is a demonstration of Cymatics, the practice of observing frequencies visually. Historically, such research was initiated by Ernst Chladni with his simplistic setup, consisting of bowing a steel plate to resonate it at its own resonant frequency. This was later on picked up by Hans Jenny, who thoroughly documented his findings in his book ‘Cymatics: A Study of Wave Phenomenon’ as well as he coined the term ‘Cymatics’.A book worth reading about this is ‘Water Sound Images’ by Alexander Lauterwasser. Fascinating book, a must read. It’s the first book I’ve ever finished from front to back.

The Water speaker is powered by a hand-made coil. It is the by-product of my tinkering with coils, and finding a design that suits well to test the resonant frequencies of objects. The water speaker is just one of its uses. Have a look at the Youtube video to see it in action. This was also exhibited briefly for few hours at the V&A as part of the Music Hackspace Digital Design Drop in. I am working on improving this, and scaling it up.

Water as a medium is beautiful to work with, and I guess I wish to scale this up purely for its beautiful aesthetics and want to delve deeper into the details of the emerging patterns. Be sure to check back here in future to check progress.