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The Frame

The Frame is a simple structure which allows us to listen to any object(s) of choice. It can be described as a modular instrument, or an instrument which can be whatever you want it to be – according to your taste, according to what you hang.

To get a taste of what it sounds like, have a listen below in the Soundcloud playlist of the sounds we have so far. At the moment, we are captivated by the saw blade, for which we have made it our ideal model of a sonorous object – an object of impeccable engineering, and perfect weight distribution.

The desired object is hung, and its sound travels up the string to a Piezo Disc, where mechanical vibrations are converted to an electronic signal via a hook. This signal then is amplified and can be listened to via headphones, speakers or any other choice of output.

Each hung object produces two signals, which are picked up by two Piezo Discs i.e. Stereo Signal. This really enriches our experience of listening of the object, and can produce phenomenally wide image of sound, especially when listened to via headphones. The hanging setup brings all the perks one innately expects from a freely hanging object such as swaying motion, object spinning around its own axis, friction between string and object – meaning it opens incredible amount of sonic possibilities, and allows for a myriad of setups.

The sound of the object substantially differs from one type of string used to another for example fishing line, plastic, or cotton and so on… In the case of the fishing line for example, it can act as an effect as the sound of the object is affected as it travels through the fishing line. The string being under high stress ( high tension ) serves for effective means of sound conduction, and can produce high signal at the Piezo Disc.

Project done in collaboration with Tony Hardie-Bick and Tim Yates, as part of the Acoustic Hacking / Hackoustic initiative. More Details of this project can be viewed on the workshop site.