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16 – 12 – 2013, St. Peter’s, West London

These are live recordings from my first day recording at St. Peter’s Church in Ealing, west of London, as it was normally open to public. It was a truly captivating space to play in. These recordings are an extension of my last year’s album ‘Resonance’ and my improvisational practice, through which I enjoy reflecting about time and space-specific work. I love the idea of being unable to repeat or replay any of the pieces I stumble upon while improvising.

There will be accompanying photographs of the church space. This short collection was edited to be played back to back i.e. in order. The second day recordings (which is to come) goes on to further explore the Piano as a medium for creating other sounds.
released 07 April 2014

Special thanks to Father David Neno who granted me permission to use the Church and the Piano. Thanks to Olliver Boulton for the album art photograph. Thanks to the church space for fulfilling me with such a stream of inspiration.