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Piano Sticks

The Piano Sticks are high-tension aluminium-bodied string instruments, which use custom-made copper wound bass piano strings.The Aluminium body forms a cavity which is filled with water, and is sealed. The sound of the instrument is amplified using a piezo-electric pickup mounted at the end cap of the instrument.

• Bridge-less design
• Steel Core, Copper Wound, Piano Bass Strings.
• Off-the-shelf Aluminium. Cheaply available, easy to work with.
• Lightweight, rugged and compact.
• Steel strings allow for use of electromagnetic induction methods. i.e. eBow.
• Multi-Timbral. Body, Water and Strings.
• Percussive and Fretless.
• Quiet – requires electric amplification.

Why Water?
• Non-Linearity.
• Gestural interactivity.
• The sound of Water.
• The resulting sound of water’s continuous mass shift.
• The notion of Water in a musical instrument, and the resulting

I presented these instruments at Coventry University, as part of Coventry InTime Symposium back in 2015.