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The Grand Piano was rigged with objects at random notes, so when playing, It was almost totally unknown to me which notes will trigger which object and how it will sound. This was a magnificent experience, as playing a familiar note triggered a secondary note of different timbre. This unpredictability factor made improvising that much more exciting as now, I knew less about the instrument. This made it such a thrill seeking experience, as my fingers pounced through this minefield of sweet bells, marimbas, gongs and the rattling of tambourines, snares and African percussion.

This is the second part of my two day recording at St. Peter’s in Ealing, London. Accompanying photographs of the awe-inspiring space can be seen on the Facebook page, or can be downloaded as bonus items along with the album. If you like the sounds I’m making, please support me with few quid!

released 24 June 2014

Special thanks to Father David Neno who granted me permission to use the Church and the Piano. Thanks to the church space for fulfilling me with such a stream of inspiration.