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Sounds of Dripping

Videos of this project can be viewed here.

The Water Sculpture explores the ‘chaotic’ dynamics that may exist within the flow of sonic events; in a free improvisation setting within sonic arts. The ‘chaotic’ aspects existing within such free improvisation sessions may refer to changing variables such as the time intervals between the sounds made, the timbre of the sound made, the pitch of the sound, or any other feature of the sound event made by the individual participating in the free sonic improvisation session.

The exhibit investigates these themes through a hand-built, purposely engineered glass structure; which developed from the process of making.

The Water Sculpture can be listened to acoustically, or through a pair of headphones placed beside the sculpture. The audio recording attached has been recorded live from a glass panel placed underneath the hung structure, onto which the water drips onto. One can hear an incredibly rich soundscape of the tonal drones of the glass, combined with the intermittent sounds of flowing water over a base of constantly chaotic noisy drips. The recording has been made directly from microphones placed on the glass panel, 6mm away in fact from the dripping of water. There is no editing involved in making this recording apart from cutting it down.

This sculpture is based on my final year thesis at London College of Communication, which can be viewed and downloaded from this page.